Centre for Electronics Development and Technology, Kozhikode

Client: Department of Electronics, Government of India Area: 2500 sq m Location: Kozhikode, Kerala Role: Architectural & Engineering Design and Project Management

KERALA has an architectural style that is unique. It is shaped by the monsoon, a warm and humid climate, abundant resources of timber and rich deposits of clay from river valleys. Steep overhanging tile roofs helped protect verandas and openings from rain while allowing the breezes to flow through to mitigate the discomfort caused by high humidity. Walls were kept dry during the long spells of tropical rain. A liberal provision of courtyards and large openings well protected from sun and rain by deep overhangs allowed for good cross ventilation. An architectural tradition that is so rational lends itself easily to adaptation in a modern context.

The design of the Centre for Electronics Development and Technology exploits this idiom, but using current construction technology. The positioning of glass windows below the roof overhang and the resulting deep shadows at the eaves and the unique roof forms arising out of a grouping of sloping roofs as was done by traditional carpenters gives this modern building a strong vernacular character.