Farm House, Thudiyalur

Client: Farm House Location: Thudiyalur

Thudiyalur is a small village near Coimbatore. Like most old farms in this area it was originally a cotton farm and converted to other crops after the region wise failure of cotton farms failed several years ago. The owners lived in the city and spent their weekends at the farm whenever possible. When the younger generation took over they were keen to upgrade the house and use it regularly during weekends and holidays.

The re-design involved major changes to the existing structure and a conversion of the sump into a good swimming pool. The challenge was in integrating the three features – the sump, the house and the well into a visually interesting and functional entity. By adding the car porch in the front, a courtyard was formed between the house and the well making it into a unique experience for those entering the house. A veranda was added by the side of the courtyard which led to the living room. On the opposite side of the living room a large french window was added to access the swimming pool, thereby visually connecting all three elements.

The original building had a flat reinforced concrete roof. It was decided to retain this but an attic space with a tiled sloping roof with overhangs which would shield the roof and walls from direct sun light and rain was created. The interiors were also fully redone in a modern, minimalist fashion.