Poly Film Plant, Anand

The PLANT was set up by the Indian Dairy Manufacturing Company to manufacture food grade packaging material at Anand in Gujarat. It comprises a production block, a utility block, administrative offices and social facilities for staff.

The production block is a composite structure with RCC columns and curved steel trusses spanning 38m, the elements of which are rod-laced lattice sections and triangular purlins. By the side of this block and separated by a long courtyard is the utility building which houses the power, compressed air, laboratory and other equipment utilities needed for production. The offices and social facilities are positioned to one side of the plot, and connected to the laboratory and production area by a covered passage.

The roof of the production block is a double skin roof with mineral wool insulation to reduce the radiated heat from the galvalume sheet roofing. The eaves detail concealing the gutter in both the printing and extrusion bays provides an interesting transition from the curved roof to the straight lines of the end walls.