Powerica Regional Office, Chennai

Client: Powerica Area: 1600 sq m Location: Chennai Role: Architectural & Engineering Design and Project Management

POWERICA is a manufacturer of diesel generators. Being a company involved in the energy business they were keen to project their sensitivity to being energy-efficient. The design of their new regional office and service center that was constructed in Chennai at the Guindy industrial estate explores various cost effective solutions with this objective in mind.

Passive design solutions such as maximizing the glazing on the north and south faces and eliminating windows on the east and west were incorporated to reduce heat gain and bring in glare-free natural light.

An innovative solution using appropriate material specifications was pursued which focused on finding a combination which can keep relative humidity at 60% and temperature at 28°C, yet providing comfortable office environment.The reduced air-conditioning tonnage achieved by this resulted in major savings in the capital cost of equipment and transformers, long term energy savings in operations.

Architecturally the building responds to the site. It is a corner site where the north and east sides form an acute angle. The lower two floors are parallel to the main road on the north, while the upper floors are aligned to the east creating the impression of two overlapping structures. In the process a terrace is formed at the second floor level for landscaping.